Made to Measure Franchising

The business model we offer is right „made to measure“ for ambitions and possibilities of each contractor, and this because of the advantages of our technology and the professional training that we offer.

1. What we offer you

To take orders for made to measure of classical men suits

– the garments will be manifactured by us in hightechnological factory /the factory has capacity 1500pcs. per day, we produce collection of world brands/

2. Our support

– you will get know-how for one successful business

– strong marketing support
professional training (training for taking measurements, work with clients )

3. Your target group 

3.1. individual orders

– business and casual suits

– ceremony garments for weddings and others

3.2. corporative garments and uniforms

– business and administrative departments ( banks, state departments, uniform clothing, schools, hotels, restaurant etc.)

4. What we expect from you

– knowing of the product and working with clients, for the rest we will train you and will give you all necessary to develop your activity

5. Your investment

– with small investment for small trade area (10-20m2), the business allows to reach big volume, depending on your activity

– business allows despite of high turnovers which you will make, not to invest in additional resources

– the business has low risk, because it not requires stock pieces and investments